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Product Version
Launcher 1.3.1 [build 80]
Launcher Framework .NET Core 3.0
Garry's Mod 11 (not changing)
Release 1.3.1 4th December 2019

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you also need .NET Core 3.0 for it to launch, if you're on mac you are all good.


1. download all of the zip files at
and open them with 7zip/winrar.

if you are on mac go to and do the same
thing but open them with keka (

2. run the program "GarrysModLoader.exe" from your flash
drive or wherever the fuck it is.

3. if it works you can copy it to your computer if you want i dont really
care, just give me credit [refer to me as a8764, thanks, not my irl name]

4. to change your name just select option two in the launcher.

5. Profit?


added note to the one below, i have re-written the launcher so it needs no
dependencies so it should work when i try to make a build of it with WineBottler
- 05.12.2019 18:10pm

i actually have started working on the mac port and it 100% works, im just making
a standalone version where its only one .app file and not multiple so its
easy to use for legit anyone, soo that (hopefully) will be done by the end of the week
- 04.12.2019 1:16am

offical download:


[email protected]

build date:
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build ver/build:
build 110